F1 driver takes both hands off steering wheel in daring move

Aston Martin reveals its 2023 Grand Prix challenger

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Lance Stroll was spotted taking both hands off the steering wheel in practice ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Canadian was forced out of pre-season testing after injuring his hands during a bike accident.

He returns to the cockpit for the first race of the season but has visibly struggled when in the car. At one stage during practice Stroll was seen taking his hands off the wheel despite travelling at over 130mph.

The issue was spotted by Sky Sports F1 host Anthony Davidson who suggested the move was down to the intensity of the vibrations. He said: “On the main straight he momentarily takes both hands off the steering wheel. This is because the vibration coming through the steering wheel is too much.

“This is 19 minutes into his long run in FP2 and it’s obviously getting a bit too much for him. Both hands off the steering wheel, really I feel sorry for the guy. He’s doing everything he can to drive.

“He wants to drive, he’s got the car to do it but I feel like his body just isn’t quite there for him this weekend.” Stroll struggled in FP2 as footage showed him pushing the wheel instead of turning it.

This was costing him time in turn one and two with his race engineer pointing out where improvements could be made. Ben Michell said: “Lance we need to compromise turn one for a better line turn two.”

But Stroll replied: “I can’t. The hands.” The injury could be a blow to Stroll’s chances of competing at the front this weekend.

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Aston Martin have shocked the grid with their new package looking likely to challenge Red Bull at the top of the leaderboard. Davidson added: “He takes his hand off the wheel and feeds it in with the left hand as he goes to maximum steering angle for that corner.

“Now we believe he has damaged both hands so what he’s maybe doing is achieving two things. By the left hand, the wrist there, compared to Fernando’s wrists, you can see the severity of what he’s relieving there from that left wrist.

“As the right hand is now underneath the steering wheel he might be taking that off the wheel as well to relieve a bit of tension there. So you’re pushing the steering wheel rather than turning it. It’s not ideal but we see drivers having to resort to this method in Monaco for the very tight hairpin there.

“So it’s not like we haven’t seen it before but it does mean perhaps he is missing apexes like he has done in turn one.”

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