NHL Draft picks tracker 2021: Complete list of selections for Rounds 1-7

It’s that time of year again, where NHL clubs and their fans get starry-eyed with the next generation of talent set to don the sweater.

The 2021 NHL Draft kicks off on Friday with the first 31 of 223 selections being announced. (Note: There are technically 224 slots but the Coyotes had to forfeit their first-round pick, although they did get one back.) Questions abound about who will go No. 1, how high the top goalies will go and just how many current NHLers will be switching teams when the dust settles on Saturday.

NHL DRAFT 2021: 10 Storylines to watch | Latest news, rumors on selections, signings & trades

As the 2021 NHL Draft plays out, Sporting News is tracking all the picks and keeping up with the results in real-time. Below are all of the picks.

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NHL Draft picks 2020: Results from Rounds 1-7

Round 1 results

Round 2 results

Round 3 results

Round 4 results

Round 5 results

Round 6 results

Round 7 results

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