Matt Duchene beats the Flyers with a ridiculous backhand goal smacked out of mid-air

Whenever an NHL player smacks in a goal out of mid-air, fans generally have a tendency to freak out and act like it’s the most amazing thing they’ve ever seen. Sure, it requires some great hand-eye coordination (and a hint of luck), but it’s something that a lot of players can do (and do). However, the goal Matt Duchene knocked in on Tuesday night was not your ordinary mid-air swat.

With the Senators and Flyers tied 3-3 heading into the final few minutes of their contest in Philadelphia, Duchene carried the puck into the zone and attempted to put a shot on net. That attempt deflected off of Philly defenseman Radko Gudas and popped up into the air, and then he did this…


Yeah, that’s a backhanded baseball swing that somehow sends the puck TOP SHELF and in for the game-winner. It’s just an utterly ridiculous display regardless of how much luck was involved. (It probably helps he was facing the Flyers’ goaltending, too.) To even get a stick on that puck is a pretty impressive showcase of hands and vision, but to tuck it just under the crossbar is crazy. It’s worth appreciating more than your average mid-air goal.

For Duchene, it’s his his 11th goal and 31st point through 25 games this season. That hot start is coming at a very opportune time for the 27-year-old forward, as he’s in a contract year. With this goal on his resume, he should consider gunning for baseball money if he hits the open market this summer.

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