Rams grounds crew couldn’t get USC logos off before Packers game, field is a confusing mess

There are many downsides to having a college and pro team play in the same stadium on the same weekend, and one of those is the work required of the grounds crew to paint and prepare the field quickly in between the Saturday night game and the Sunday afternoon game. For the Los Angeles Coliseum crew, that work never really happened and the result is a confusing mess of a field with both college and pro logos all over it.

Apparently what happened, per the broadcast, was the field got soaked on Saturday night and the grounds crew was unable to get all the paint off the field from USC’s matchup against Arizona State (a surprising 38-35 loss to Arizona State). As such, their only option on Sunday morning was to just toss a ton of paint on top of the paint already in place in order to get the Rams helmet logo on the field.

It’s pretty hideous.

As you can see, the yardage markers, which are different in college than in the pros because of the wider hashmarks, are still on the field as well. 

There are also just random Pac-12 conference logos all over the place that no one even bothered to cover up.

And the end zone is a REAL mess, with it clearly saying “RAMS” and “USC” at the same time. 

Meanwhile, the Coliseum is jammed with Packers fans, who actually booed the Rams when they came out on the field. It sounds like Lambeau Field in there. 

Couple that with the botched paint job and it’s no wonder the Rams look off-kilter, scoring exactly zero points in the first 20 minutes of the game and struggling against a Green Bay defense that was gouged by the 49ers on Monday night just two weeks ago. 

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