New York Jets’ Jamal Adams exchanges insults with Derek Carr’s brother, Darren, on Twitter

The suddenly streaking New York Jets dominated the Oakland Raiders on Sunday, especially on defense. The Jets sacked Derek Carr seven times and forced the Raiders to bench Carr in the second half.

The game also brought us one of the least expected Twitter beefs of the 2019 NFL season: Jamal Adams vs. Derek Carr's brother, Darren.

It all started with Adams' postgame tweet. Adams tweeted a photo of his sack on Carr without taking an actual shot at Carr – it was just a photo of the play. Still, Darren jumped into Adams' mentions and responded, "Saved for later." The Jets safety took notice to the response, which sent the two on a fiery back-and-forth.

(Saved for later) 😊

Adams told Darren to frame the photo, so Darren — who coaches football at Bakersfield Christian High School (Calif.) — responded with old photos of Rob Gronkowski catching a touchdown on Adams.


Bad move, Darren.

Adams went personal with his next insult, calling out Darren for living vicariously through his brothers and mocking his role as a high school coach.

I understand you never made it to the big stage, but stop living through your brothas. You need to focus on your lil high school job… you got class to teach tomorrow!

When Darren tried to hit back with his own insult about Adams' lack of "respect" for his opponents, Adams was quick to point out Darren's than/then grammatical error.

What kind of teacher uses *then instead of *than?! Grammar is important Mr Carr! Enjoy your week off! Luv

On one hand, it may have been a low blow for Adams to go after a high school coach like that. On the other hand, I can get behind any beef that features trash talk about grammar.

Adams gets the edge for that.

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