LOOK: Dejected shirtless Florida State fan opens up an appropriate book during Clemson beatdown

Clemson’s football team had to be pretty good to enter Saturday ranked No. 2 in the nation.

But let’s not kid ourselves. Even with the Tigers coming into this weekend 7-0 on the year, we’re not sure anyone could’ve foreseen what’s unfolded at Doak Campbell Stadium this afternoon. Up 28-0 at halftime against the host Florida State Seminoles (4-3), Dabo Swinney’s group didn’t stop there, waxing FSU for another 24 points in the third quarter to take a 52-3 lead entering the fourth.

That’s a downright embarrassment.

And no one acknowledged it more than a certain Florida State fan whose obvious apathy has made him a viral sensation.

When your team is down 49 points at home and threatening to give up more than ever before in school history (the Seminoles’ biggest slip-up came in September 2016, when they surrendered 63 points to Louisville), well, it’s hard to stay enthused about the game. And Saturday’s most talked-about fan of the game, a gray-haired man, proved just that by shedding his shirt and turning his eyes away from the Clemson beat-down and onto … a book.

That’s right. This guy just straight up started reading from the stands. Nothing says “my favorite football team is a disgrace” like paging through a novel during a game you’re attending, right?

And guess what? It gets even better. Some Twitter sleuthing and picture zooming makes it pretty clear that this fan’s book is as appropriate as can be. By all indications, the novel in his hands is Gillian Flynn’s “Dark Places.” Either this guy knew a dark, dark Saturday afternoon of football was upon him and planned accordingly, or that’s one magical coincidence.

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