Kevin Byard mocks Cowboys, pulls off Terrell Owens-approved INT celebration on star at midfield

It was a weekend of throwback celebrations, with Saints receiver Michael Thomas pulling off an homage to Joe Horn by busting out a cell phone he stashed in the goalpost after scoring a touchdown on Sunday afternoon. Titans safety Kevin Byard was clearly inspired by the move, because he took a page out of history on Monday night in Dallas, doing his best Terrell Owens impersonation during the first half.

On a pass attempt from Dak Prescott to Amari Cooper, who was in double coverage, Byard found himself the recipient of a questionable throw from the Cowboys quarterback, snuffing out a would-be Cowboys touchdown and keeping Dallas from benefiting off a Titans fumble. 

Byard immediately sprinted to the middle of the field and pulled off an Owens-style celebration, standing on the star with his arms raised out like Owens did back in the early 2000’s. 

Here’s a shot of the two celebrations, side by side:

Byard even threw a little jig in there to make sure everyone saw him hanging out at midfield.

Former Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, now a broadcaster with the ESPN crew on “Monday Night Football,” was not pleased with the move. He spent the next few seconds remarking that it was a disrespectful move, in a similar fashion to how Troy Aikman complained about Thomas’ little cell phone bit.

The reality is these were historical call backs and they were fun to see. No harm was intended, even if Thomas was flagged for his.

At the very least, you better believe that Owens appreciated seeing someone else dance all over the star.

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