Graziano answers 32 big QB questions: Will Russ rebound? Is Love ready? Who starts in Tampa?

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Every NFL team has questions, especially this time of year, as we look ahead to what remains of the long, dry offseason to a season still more than 100 days away. Often, the most important questions are about the most important position — quarterback. Your team has a quarterback question, whichever team it is. Some are major, such as “Who the heck is our quarterback, anyway?” Some are more along the champagne-problem lines, such as, “What can our quarterback do to be even more awesome?”

No matter which team you root for or what its QB situation is, we came up with a question that this offseason, this coming season or both will try to answer. Here they are, in all their mid-May glory. Enjoy.


Dallas Cowboys

Does Dak Prescott get a contract extension?

Prescott’s contract expires after 2024. His cap number this year is a manageable $26.8 million, but next year it balloons to $59.5 million. If the Cowboys don’t extend Prescott beyond 2024, they are effectively committing to carrying that cap number and making Prescott prove he deserves a new deal. Given their lack of postseason success with Dak as their QB, this path likely makes the most sense.

Thing is, Cowboys leadership has been very clear, publicly and privately, that they’re all-in with Dak. They want him to be a Cowboy for his entire career, and I think it would be very surprising if they didn’t do an extension this offseason that knocked down that 2024 cap number and made it clear to the world that Prescott’s future in Dallas is not in question.

New York Giants

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