Giants QB Kyle Lauletta arrested after nearly striking police officer with car

Giants backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta was arrested Tuesday after he nearly hit a police officer with his car, reported.

Lauletta was driving to the Giants practice when he failed to obey a police officer directing traffic.

According to the report, he was trying to make a right turn in the wrong lane in Weehawken, N.J. He was directed by the officer to keep going straight, but Lauletta still made the right turn, nearly running over the officer in the process.

Another officer stopped Lauletta before he was able to get on Route 495 West.

The report also stated that Lauletta made the same illegal turn Monday, although he was not stopped at that time. Lauletta reportedly will receive two summons in the mail.

The Giants said they were aware of the situation and were still trying to gather information.

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Lauletta didn’t play in Sunday’s 20-13 loss to the Giants, but many fans were hoping he would start instead of current quarterback Eli Manning.

Heading into their Week 9 bye, the Giants have a 1-7 record.

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