Did a ‘Call of Duty’ game reveal this free agent’s plans?

Veteran lineman Rashaad Coward has picked his next NFL team.

If you play ‘Call of Duty’ with his wife, you might’ve heard it first.

Some intrepid reporting from Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson uncovered a post by Reddit user ProbationOfficer2035, who played ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ with someone she believed to be Coward’s wife over the weekend. 

Somewhere between The Dam and The Gulag, a hot mic picked up on this conversation:

Last night, a Reddit user reported a "possible trade coming between the Bears & Steelers" after overhearing a Bears player discussing it while playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

Today, Bears RFA Rashaad Coward signed with the Steelers.

Only in 2021 😂 pic.twitter.com/1GixisUWy4

Redditor ProbationOfficer2035 gets a gold star for their extra research. The self-described Packers fan heard “deal,” saw her opponent’s gamertag picture with Bears gear, and connected all the dots.

Coward tweeted this on Saturday night. Less than 24 hours later, his transaction became Ian Rapoport-official.

Former #Bears OL Rashaad Coward, an RFA who was not tendered, is expected to sign with the #Steelers, source said. A former DL who worked his way into the starting lineup on offense, Coward now lands in Pittsburgh.

Now for the cherry on top: This exchange between Coward’s agent and Coward’s wife, semi-confirming that some news did come out during a ‘Warzone’ game.

Lol 😂😂U heard it here first

It all must be true because the Cowards are heading to Pittsburgh. And the next generation of NFL insiders are heading to ‘Call of Duty’ games for their first big scoop. What an offseason.

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