Cowboys-Raiders Thanksgiving dust-up leads to ejections, hilarious meme

The Cowboys and Raiders tried serving up some knuckle sandwiches on Thanksgiving.

Turkey Day is a day to be thankful, joyous and appreciative of each other’s company, but for at least one play in the Cowboys-Raiders matchup, those emotions weren’t anywhere to be found. Early in the third quarter, the teams got into a small scrum that reached the Las Vegas sideline.

After the gravy spilled, two players were ejected. Cowboys defensive back Kelvin Joseph and Raiders defensive back Roderic Teamer were tossed for their roles in the affair. 

Unfortunately, an official appeared to have gotten caught in the crossfire. He sported a small bit of blood on his chin after helping to break up the dust-up. 

All’s well that ends well, though: While the scuffle was a pretty unsightly thing for a Thanksgiving matchup, content doesn’t care about your petty holidays, and plenty of people brought their meme A-game afterward. 

Safe to say that Teamer and Joseph won’t be sending each other Christmas cards this year. 

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