Andy Reid’s timeouts, questionable pass interference burn Chiefs on big Buccaneers TD drive

Flags and timeouts tell the story of the first half of Super Bowl 55.

Reid has been known for questionable timeout management throughout his NFL career, and his one fatal flaw was none more apparent than entering the end of the first half: With just over a minute left in the half, Reid used the remainder of the Chiefs timeouts, presumably for a chance to get the ball back and give Mahomes & Co. a chance to cut into the 14-6 lead the Bucs boosted up.

It was pretty soon after that Mike Evans drew (use that term loosely) a questionable pass interference call on a ball that seemed to be pretty well out of the reach of the Bucs wide receiver, putting Tampa Bay in prime scoring position. 

Here’s a look at the call:

Some speculated that it was a bit out of the reach of Evans. CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore agreed with the call on the field.

The second call, was a bit more to the rule of law, but still raised some eyebrows.

In any case, the Buccaneers took advantage of the calls, grabbing a 21-6 heading into halftime.

Interesting to note: Brady-led offense had 24 PI calls in his favor this year, most of any QB in the NFL since 1985.

Plenty of people took issue with the calls: 

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