2018 Election Results: Dolphins tell fans to vote no on Florida Amendment 3 for sports gambling

Tuesday is Election Day across our great nation, with droves of concerned citizens showing up to let their voices be heard. There are many different items on the ballot in the many different states, and several of them involve gambling on sports. 

One of them includes Florida Amendment 3, which would apparently block sports gambling in the state of Florida. And the Miami Dolphins, an NFL team, is encouraging people to make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Stick to sports! 

Like every amendment on every ballot in every election, this is extremely confusing. 

Essentially, based on research at Ballotpedia.org, which cites both supporters and opposition of the amendment, Florida Amendment 3 is designed to take the legislation of gambling out of hands of legislators and put it into the hands of the citizens. That sounds great, but here’s the problem: it essentially reduces two methods of getting casinos approved, the primary of which would be through legislation.

Basically, casinos would need 60 percent approval to get a casino greenlit, and good luck getting 60 percent of Floridians to do anything at one time outside of drive terribly. 

There are various reasons why the Dolphins would have interest in this: the possibility of having sports betting legalized would mean a benefit for the Dolphins over the long haul of generating more revenue, and let’s not forget they play in Hard Rock Stadium. The naming-rights sponsor of their home venue certainly has an interest in it being easier to expand gambling in the state of Florida. 

Of note on the supporting side of the amendment (meaning they want the citizen vote) was the Walt Disney Company — hello tourism competition — and the Seminole Tribe of Florida — hello casino competition — along with other organizations around the state.

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