Warriors’ Draymond Green complains about ‘double standard’ in punishments from Lakers-Rockets brawl

The brawl between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday night has spawned all sorts of takes around the league. Unsurprisingly, that includes thoughts from other players. One of the most interesting came from Golden State Warriors forward — and noted provocateur himself — Draymond Green.

Speaking to the media on Monday, Green said he was “entertained” by the fracas, but also complained about what he saw as a “double standard” in the punishments that were handed out. Brandon Ingram received a four-game suspension, while Rajon Rondo will be out for three games and Chris Paul sidelined for two. Via the Mercury News:

“It seems like a little bit of a double standard going around this thing,” Green told Bay Area News Group. “That’s just me, though. I could be wrong. I don’t got all the answers.”

“That was garbage,” Green said. “I’m never in favor of guys losing money. But I got suspended in the NBA Finals for attempting to punch somebody. Guys punching each other are getting two games or three games. I attempted to punch somebody, and not in the face, either.”

Nonetheless, Green said he “was entertained sitting there watching them fight.”

“Guys punching each other — who don’t enjoy watching a fight?” Green said. “It was pretty amazing, honestly.”

While you can never know exactly what the league would do if other players were involved, it does seem like Green has a point. Should Green have landed a punch like Rondo did, or jumped wildly back into the fray like Ingram, you can certainly imagine him getting a longer suspension than those two players did.

Still, while it’s understandable that Green would feel upset, it’s ultimately a good thing that players didn’t get suspended longer. The fight wasn’t exactly dangerous and never went anywhere near the crowd. This way not only do players not lose more money, but fans don’t miss out on being able to see big name players for a long stretch. 

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