Spiranac gets asked to do OnlyFans ‘all the time’ and gives view on nude content

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has provided an update on whether she will create an OnlyFans account.

The stunning 29-year-old has left the tongues wagging of her 3.7 million Instagram followers with her sizzling snaps. Spiranac claimed those who are desperate for even saucier content constantly ask her to join the popular site.

She has resisted so far and during an episode of her Playing A Round With Paige podcast, she provided her stance on posting nude content. “No, there’s no nudity on OnlyPaige. People get confused because it is OnlyPaige and it was a cheeky name to make fun of OnlyFans,” she explained.

“Because I get asked to do OnlyFans all the time by people, so I wanted it to be very tongue and cheek. There's no nudity and that’s on purpose. I also think that implied nudity and not showing everything is actually sexier and being able to use your imagination and that’s something I will always continue to do.

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“I have no issues with compiled nudity at all, I just never want to show those parts of my body and I never will do that. I also don’t think it’s beneficial to my business goals and how I see my career unfolding in the next 5-20 years.

“It’s not a knock on anyone who does that, it's just a personal preference that I never want to do. Also I just had a traumatic experience with the picture that got leaked and that was really hard on me, so for all those reasons, there’s no nudity.”

In January the social media star announced she had launched her own subscription site, promising fans her "sexiest snaps ever". Fans can access plenty of golf instructions with the package that would normally cost them $50 a month if she was an instructor.

However, for the subscribers who are keen to view her more risque content, they will have to cough up $9.99 per month or $99.99 a year. Promoting the subscription site on Instagram, she said: "Click here to see more, and less." Before sarcastically adding: "Maybe you don't care about my sexiest pictures yet, or maybe you want a boobies 101 or how to do a jumping jack video."

After competing as a professional golfer for a year, Maxim Magazine’s world's sexiest woman of 2022 made her name online with her golf-centric content and glamorous modelling shots. But in an alternate universe, Spiranac would have instead made her name as a successful pro gymnast.

She had dreams of representing her country at the Olympic Games, but multiple injuries forced her to quit gymnastics at the age of 12 and take up golf, something Spiranac is still disappointed by. "I always wanted to be a professional athlete. It kills me, to this day, that I never made it," Spiranac said.

"Especially because I was a competitive gymnast growing up and I was competing at a really high level, I wanted to go to the Olympics, but with gymnastics there's an age restriction. So you have to be 16 or turning 16 in the year of the Olympics and the first year I would have been eligible was 18 which is past your prime.

"I also fractured my knee cap twice and just didn't have the right body build. I'm a bit taller but you have to be short and strong and … that's not my body type.

"It keeps me up at night to be honest because I feel like a failure and it’s really difficult for me to wrap my head around the fact that I never made it — not as a gymnast, not as a tennis player, not as a golfer.

"It’s been hard. It’s really hard because I felt like I could do it and there was just something that was missing. But instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for myself, I picked myself back up and threw myself into my media work."


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