Randy couple caught on dash cam having sex roadside at Monte Carlo Rally
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    A randy couple were caught having sex by the side of a racetrack in footage captured on a driver’s dashcam.

    The Monte Carlo Rally got off to an exhilarating start on Thursday as drivers raced around the French Riviera in Monaco and south east France. But two fans were especially excited by the action on show as they got their own by the side of the track.

    Veteran Greek driver Jourdan Serderidis was zooming down the countryside road when his headlights suddenly beamed down on two adventurous lovers romping by the trees and shrubs to the right.

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    The outrageous spectacle was shown on a live stream feed on the World Rally Championships website. And it was made even more bizarre by the fact there were people standing in close proximity.

    One man in blue was dangerously close to the action but appeared unbothered by the public bonking as he watched on.

    How would you react to seeing a couple romping while racing? Let us know in the comments section.

    And fans quickly took to Twitter to check whether their eyes had deceived them. "Yes, this happened in the middle of the Monte Carlo Rally live,” tweeted one user with photographic evidence of the bonking.

    Another wrote: "That’s one way to increase WRC viewership,” while a third added: “NO WAY. Imagine flying down during a race and seeing that!”

    And a fourth joked: “The spectators are doing their best to keep warm along the side.”

    It was the first time a couple was filmed having sex live at the four-day racing event. But viewers will be sure to pay more attention to their screens as drivers zoom around southern France's roads over the next few days.


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