Public Service Announcement: Do Not Tug On Steph Curry's Brother's Shorts For Any Reason

Steph Curry seemed like he was in a frisky mood in pregame warmups, but no one could possibly have anticipated just how frisky. Steph put 51 points on the board through three quarters against the Wizards, on an absolutely insane selection of wild-ass, irresponsible shots:

As unbelievable as that highlight package is, it only hints at just how out of this world Steph was tonight. He had two distinct, terrifying runs: one in the first quarter, when he scored 23 points and knocked down five of six three-point attempts; and another in the third quarter, when he knocked down five of seven three-point attempts and scored another 20 points. Both runs were marked as much by Steph’s hilariously ambitious misses as they were by several mind-boggling makes:

Purely for fun, without the shot-clock or any other pressure forcing his hand, Steph attempted four 30-plus-foot threes in the third quarter alone, including a bonkers contested off-the-bounce 35-footer that he air-balled. It’s possible to view this as a show of disrespect, but Steph’s ever-expanding repertoire of circus shots and intercontinental bombs accrues massively to the advantage of Golden State’s offense—every time he reminds the defense to face-guard him starting at 40 feet from the basket, life gets significantly easier for all of his teammates. It’s good basketball. It just also happens to be cruel and insane and incredibly disrespectful.

The lesson is this: If you have the chance to playfully or rudely tug on the shorts of a Curry family member during your lifetime, fucking DON’T.

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