NFL star Tom Brady launched tablet to the ground after ‘forgetting the password’

NFL legend Tom Brady was seen launching a tablet over the weekend in frustration as his Tampa Bay Buccaneers side struggled against the New Orleans Saints.

In the viral video clip, Brady can be seen throwing the tablet to the ground before turning around and walking off. And speaking to Let's Go! podcast, Brady has revealed the mundane reason for the outburst.

Brady, considered by some as the greatest quarterback of all time joked: "I've had a pretty bad record against that tablet, unfortunately. I think I forgot the password, and I couldn't log in, so those things can be frustrating as we realise."

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Brady continued: "So, unfortunately, a tablet just happens to get in the way and obviously that's the reason why things weren't going great yesterday. So I had to take it out on the poor meaningless tablet."

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The quarterback's frustrations had boiled over against the Saints – the team he has historically struggled against in his glittering career. And last weekend was no different with Brady struggling to get his offence going for the first three quarters.

Brady even sparked a mass brawl that involved every player on the field, leading to two players – including Brady's top receiver Mike Evans – being thrown from the game.

Despite struggling for the first three quarters, the 45-year-old turned it all around in the final quarter. Brady threw the only touchdown of the game with scores tied at 3-3 in the final minutes of the clash.

Brady finished with 18 completed passes, from 34 attempts, for 190 yards with the lone touchdown as the Bucs moved to 2-0 for the start of the new season.


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