Kyrie Irving pays for wages of players sitting out due to covid-19

HOT OR NOT: Kyrie Irving pays for wages of players sitting out due to covid-19… as Bryson DeChambeau embarrasses himself by claiming fire ant interrupted his golf shot

  • Sportsmail takes a look at who has been making the headlines this week
  • Kyrie Irving stumped up to help pay salaries of those sitting out due to covid-19
  • Nick Kyrgios has become self-appointed status as tennis’s Covid ombudsman

In another turbulent week across the sporting landscape, Sportsmail’s Riath Al-Samarrai takes a look at what and who have been heating up the headlines, and those who have been leaving us feeling a little cold…

West Indies 

They didn’t need to come but they did and how English cricket — and British sport — have benefited. Jason Holder, their captain, has every right to expect the ECB to return the favour in a gesture that would keep one of the great cricketing nations afloat. England should get it in the diary as a priority. 

Kyrie Irving 

He plays for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA. He also just stumped up $1.5million to help cover salaries for players in the WNBA who are sitting out the season because of coronavirus concerns or social justice reasons. It follows donations totalling around $1m that he has made elsewhere during the pandemic. Philanthropy shouldn’t be a competition but he’s doing OK if it is. 

Kyrie Irving stumped up $1.5million to help cover salaries for players sitting out due to covid

Nick Kyrgios 

In a strange world, perhaps nothing is stranger than Kyrgios morphing into the most sensible person in the room. His self-appointed status as tennis’s Covid ombudsman refreshes a sport where speaking out is traditionally about as welcome as a sneeze in the face. His conversation with Borna Coric is worth a look.


Bryson DeChambeau

From hot to not in a matter of weeks. His body transformation is shaking up golf, but deary me, his view of his place in the world is highly amusing. His latest offering was to seek a free drop in Memphis under the rules around interference from dangerous animals. He thought he saw a fire ant; the rules official didn’t. The rest of us saw a ball awkwardly surrounded by twigs and a 240lb guy complaining about an ant. 

Bryson DeChambeau made a fool of himself by asking for a drop due to an ant near his ball

Anthony Hamilton 

It took courage for him to withdraw from the Snooker World Championship on the grounds that if spectators are allowed they pose a risk to his asthma. But the prevailing counter-argument is also a reasonable one — why turn up to qualifying and take a place in the draw from someone else? 

Svetlana Khorkina 

She gets the prize for the worst take on the welfare scandal engulfing gymnastics. The Russian two-time Olympic champion suggested those raising their complaints want to be famous and are ‘silly’. Great gymnast, Khorkina. And a head full of chalk dust. 

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