Kevin Durant injury: Knicks turn trade attention to Kawhi Leonard with Anthony Davis snub

The Knicks were hoping to sign Durant in the free agentcy market this summer.

However, the small forward could be set for an extended period on the sidelines after suffering a suspected torn Achilles in Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals Game 5 victory over Toronto Raptors.

It means the Knicks are considering making a more aggressive approach for Kawhi Leonard, who is also out on contract in the offseason.

“It could have a massive impact on what the Knicks do this summer,” Begley told SNY TV.

“Of course the Knicks and the rest of the NBA are waiting on these MRI scans to see how severe this Durant injury is and to see if it would keep him out for a year or 18 months.

“That would affected the thinking on Kevin.

“I was told this morning that all scenarios are being discussed and are in play at the moment.

“If Kevin decides to opt out and test free agency then there are some people in organisations that would consider making Durant a contract offer this summer.

“Everything is in flux now because we don’t now the severity.

“But it does put more importance on the Kawhi Leonard chase for the Knicks.

“He is in play for the Knicks and they are going to be aggressive in their pursuit of him.

“They re going to have to be even more aggressive because of Durant.”

The Knicks’ initial plan was to sign Durant on a free and make a blockbuster trade deal for Anthony Davis.

But now the Davis package may also be off the table.

“They are still interested in trading for Davis but the interest level has faded a bit because the idea was to pair Durant with a second star like Durant or Kyrie Irving,” Begley added.

“But with the interest in Durant fading then the impetus to trade half of the squad for Durant is not as much there.”

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