Ireland rugby star unveils ‘scary’ tattoo of Owen Farrell’s dad after losing bet

An Ireland rugby player has unveiled a tattoo of England star Owen Farrell's dad – and it's absolutely terrifying!

Australia-born winger Mack Hansen was part of the Ireland side that won the Six Nations earlier this year, earning himself three player of the match awards as Andy Farrell's men won the Grand Slam for just the fourth time in their history.

To celebrate, Hansen promised to get Farrell Sr's face tattooed on him somewhere, and although it started out as a joke, the 25-year-old bit the bullet when Ireland skipper Jonny Sexton reminded him of his pledge a few weeks later.

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Speaking to JOE, Hansen said he joked about it with his team-mates during the tournament and felt he had to commit once they brought the trophy home.

"Yeah, it was like a bit of a started off as a bit of a joke – like passing comment that if we won a Grand Slam, I'd get [Andy Farrell] Faz' face put on me somewhere. I was like, 'Yeah, yeah, right' or whatever.

"And then, like nine weeks later, Johnny Sexton brought it up and remembered. So he put it to me and I guess, as a man of my word, I'll have to get [it]."

Which is more terrifying, Andy Farrell or the tattoo of Andy Farrell's face? Let us know in the comments section below

Fans on social media branded the tattoo "frightening", with one user suggesting it was "scarier than the real thing playing for Wigan."

Another wrote: "Imagine his missus waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that face. Frightening stuff," while a third joked it "looks like Chris Moyles!"

To balance things out, Hansen said he also planned to get the words 'Grand Slam, baby' tattooed on him too, though judging by his creepy Andy Farrell ink, he should probably try another artist.

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