Fernando Tatis Jr. appears to mock Trevor Bauer with hand-over-eye home run celebration

Fernando Tatis Jr. was out for blood on Saturday night and appeared to deliver some top quality trolling while he was at it. On the second pitch of the San Diego Padres' game against the Dodgers in Los Angeles, Tatis went yard off Trevor Bauer to get things going for the visitors early.

For starters, the home run was an absolute moonshot out to left field for Tatis' fifth of the season. With the Padres having won the first two games of the series against the Dodgers, Tatis' home run was a great start to continuing the streak.

But his celebration after the fact is where things get fun.

While it's not originally noticeable on the initial play, the replays of the home run clearly show that Tatis is holding a hand over his eye, seemingly a retort to Bauer and his spring training shenanigans.

Picking up where he left off.#[email protected]_jrpic.twitter.com/9X1X8bVO5W

Anything you can do, eye can do better. pic.twitter.com/LzXWzzI0Ak

In March, Bauer pitched with one eye closed during a spring training game against the Padres, a move he adopted for a bit of fun to start off the year.

"I figured if they can't score off me with one eye open, it's gonna be difficult to score off me with two eyes open," Bauer said to reporters at the time.  

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