Did James Harden forget Kevin Durant left the Warriors?

Rockets vs. Warriors has been must-see TV in recent years, but Wednesday night was much different.

Instead of trotting out the Death Lineup™ of Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Golden State rolled out … none of those guys. Instead, the Warriors’ starting group included Ky Bowman, who is currently on a $79,568 contract.

This is largely due to injuries, as Thompson is not expected to play this season after he tore his ACL last season. Curry is dealing with a broken hand, Green is sidelined with a finger injury and Durant is recovering from a ruptured Achilles. He’s also no longer a member of the team, having left for Brooklyn in free agency, but James Harden seems to have forgotten that fact.

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While discussing the Rockets’ 129-112 victory over the Warriors, Harden brought up Golden State’s injuries.

“Hopefully those guys, you know Klay and obviously KD and Steph get back on the court soon,” Harden said.

Watch below for full context.

Some people suggested Harden was trolling the Warriors, but he didn’t smile or give any indication he was joking in that video. He seems to have genuinely forgotten Durant is no longer a member of the team. It’s an easy mistake to make considering Durant hasn’t played for the Nets, so he doesn’t really feel like a key part of the team yet.

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