Cheese Is Cascading From Jimmy Butler's Pores As If From A Grater

“Sure. Go ahead, boo me. It ain’t going to change the way I play. That’s going to make me smile more. So please, come on with it,” aspiring villain Jimmy Butler told Wolves reporter Jon Krawczynski a week ago.

“I love being the villain. Y’all didn’t know that about me. But you do now,” self-proclaimed villain Jimmy Butler told Wolves reporter John Meyer today.

“‘You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.’ – Harvey Dent,” possibly apprehensive villain Jimmy Butler wrote on Instagram today.

We get it, Jimmy. But what if it turns out nobody wants a shit-talking, self-aggrandizing, melodramatic cheeseball on their team? (Besides Thibs, I mean.)

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