Jon Jones was BLOCKED from entering octagon in bizarre before UFC win

Jon Jones was BLOCKED from entering octagon in bizarre moment right before his UFC 285 win, with officials insisting American had to cut open tape on his toes – and fans claim the incident lasted longer than the fight itself!

  • Jon Jones was blocked from entering the octagon before his UFC 285 victory 
  • Officials forced him to cut some tape on his feet which were binding his toes 
  • Jones had his toes taped like that due to pain from an injury he suffered in 2013 

There was a weird moment before Jon Jones’ dominant victory over Ciryl Gane, as officials stopped from entering the octagon.

Jones, making his return after three years, secured a first-round submission victory over the Frenchman to become the heavyweight champion.

It was a stunning display by arguably the greatest of all time, but he so easily could have been thrown off his game due to the bizarre moment before the fight.

As he looked to enter the octagon, he was blocked off by officials, who were not happy with taping around his foot.  

They insisted that the tape had to be cut open so that his toes weren’t binded together, in a moment that fans claimed lasted longer than the fight itself.

Jon Jones became the new UFC heavyweight champion with a dominant win over Ciryl Gane

There was a bizarre moment before the fight as Jones was stopped from entering the octagon by officials due to taping on his toes – which he had due to a 2013 injury he still has pain from

Officials weren’t happy that the toes were binded by the tape and they had to find scissors to cut it – in a moment that fans are suggesting was longer than Jones’ victory 

Officials fussed around to find something to cut the tape, before they finally were able to do so and allow Jones to enter the ring. 

This would have come as a late setback for Jones, who has a good reason as to why he taped his foot in the way he did. 

Jones said he had his toes taped because he occasionally still suffers pain when he plants his foot incorrectly.

This is as a result of of a broken toe that occurred in his fight with Chael Sonnen back in April 2013.

The moment could have easily distracted Jones as he geared himself up to fight Gane

However, he made light work of Gane and claimed a submission win in just over two minutes

In a gruesome injury, his toe was nearly off the bone during the first round, after he rolled it on a stuffed takedown, snapping it clean away from the foot as the friction tore it apart.

Fortunately for Jones on that day, he picked up an early TKO victory over Sonnen – otherwise he might have lost the UFC light heavyweight belt he held at the time.  

Jones overcame the setback on Saturday night to beat Gane in two minutes and four seconds.

Social media users speculated that the moment before the fight took longer than the fight itself.

One comment said: ‘This dude Jon Jones spent more time getting that tape off his toe than he did fighting for the belt.’

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