Red Sox fan arrested, accused of throwing beer; trophy damaged during parade

A 19-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after a beer he allegedly threw hit a man in the head during the Red Sox World Series victory parade in Boston.

Patrick Connolly was charged with disorderly conduct and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon at Boston’s celebratory parade, reported.

According to police, a can of beer hit a man who was on one of the duck boats reserved for family and friends of the players in the parade. The man wasn’t injured, and it’s not clear if he was a ballplayer.

During the parade, the World Series trophy, which was on display and being held up by players during the parade, was damaged by a thrown beer.

WATCH: Video showing the moment a beer can breaks off some of the flags of the Red Sox World Series trophy during today’s parade. #RedSox #DoDamage #NotThatKindOfDamage
(?: Luis Morales)

A spokeswoman for the Red Sox told that the damage was “minimal” and the trophy should be “easily repaired.”

“Not a big deal,” Zineb Curran said.

Many times during championship parades, fans toss beers to players for them to drink in celebration. However, several Red Sox players didn’t seem very enthused about Wednesday’s beer sharing.

Mookie Betts was seen being saved by a Boston Globe photographer from a rogue beer that was swatted away before it hit him.

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Here’s Globe photog Stan Grossfeld saving Mookie from flying beer. Fan interference prevents Betts from making another catch

“This definitely has got to stop,” the outfielder told the Globe.

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