Manny Machado no ‘Johnny Hustle’ on single off left-field wall in World Series Game 3

Manny Machado’s lack of hustle was on full display Friday night during Game 3 of the World Series.

With the Dodgers leading 1-0 in the bottom of the sixth inning, the LA shortstop drilled a pitch to deep left field. Machado thought he had hit a home run. That wasn’t exactly the case:

Manny Machado thought he had a home run on this swing…

It ended up only being a single.

The ball bounced off the wall and Machado found himself at . . . first base after being slow to get out of the box. A well-hit ball like that should give a player more than enough time to stretch it into a double.

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Twitter was quick to point out Machado’s lackadaisical effort:

Manny Machado home to first…. 7.17 seconds

We almost just witnessed a player get thrown out at first after blasting a ball off the left field wall. Good lord, Machado!

Machado wasn’t even to first base when that ball got thrown back to the infield

Johnny Hustle not hustling again, hits very long single #Machado

When your team is down two games to none in the World Series and has a one-run lead in a crucial Game 3, you might want to put forth just a bit more effort.

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