Victorian Jockeys’ Association boss Matt Hyland concerned Racing Victoria whip research will disrupt Racing Australia whip rule review

The Victorian Jockeys’ Association is concerned Racing Victoria’s latest research into the use of whips in the sport could disrupt the national review of the contentious rules.

Racing Victoria has led a push to limit the use of whip to between five and eight strikes of a horse per race at recent Racing Australia meetings.

The move would mean a drastic reduction on the current rules that limit riders to five strikes before the 100m before the whip is used at the jockey’s discretion in the last 100m of a race.

Racing Australia is currently reviewing the national whip rules but RV has released results of surveys it commissioned, which it says shows “less than one in five Australians supported the use of whips in horse racing and almost two-thirds were actively against it”.

The RV-backed research also claimed more than 80 percent of “racing customers” want the whip limited to five strikes in a race or not used at all.

VJA chief executive Matt Hyland said Racing Victoria needed to be careful not to disrupt the national review process, which had the support of all riders around the nation.

Jockeys riding their horses hard in a race in Sydney. Photo: AAP /David Moir.Source:AAP

“Our position is that we support the Racing Australia review because they’ve got plenty of expertise around the table,” Hyland said. “We’re totally supportive of that process.

“What we’ve said all along is that, in our mind, it wouldn’t be appropriate for individual jurisdictions going off on their own and doing their own tests.

“Of course they (Racing Victoria) re going to drive their own agenda but unless their agenda is supported on a national basis, it’s only a disruption to the review process that Racing Australia has in place.”

Hyland said the VJA expected the results of Racing Australia’s review of whip rules early next year.

He said Australian jockeys would continue to support the process, even if Racing Australia recommended further limits on whip use.

“It is a national item and the national review has our full support,” Hyland said.

“If those experts on a national basis, that they determine that the rule needs an adjustment, let’s discuss it at a national level.”

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