Masters champion Dustin Johnson draws Tiger Woods comparison

Butch Harmon piles praise on Dustin Johnson after his record-breaking win at The Masters and draws comparison between the world No 1 and when Tiger Woods was at his dominant best…

Now Dustin Johnson has got his second major, he’s going to go on and win a lot of majors and I think he’s going to win this great tournament numerous times. I’ve said it all along that when he is on, I don’t think he can be beaten.

He won the US Open in 2016 but he’s had the downfalls of the tournaments he’s lost and people always talking about what he hasn’t done. It doesn’t bother him, he’s such an amazing guy and I just know how hard he’s worked.

When he’s firing on all cylinders, like he was this week with his driving and controlling his irons, he’s the closest thing to Tiger Woods I’ve ever seen. The difference to that is that Tiger was on for the best part of 20 years, so he’s got a way to go to get in that category!

I think it meant so much to DJ that it was Tiger who put the Green Jacket on him after winning this great tournament. He grew up just 75 miles from Augusta, so this is a tournament he always wanted to win.

The sky really is the limit for Johnson. It’s hard to win and there’s so many great young players but when he’s on, I don’t think you can beat him because he’s just that good and has all aspects needed in this game. I saw first-hand the talent this man holds, and you can’t teach what he has inside him.

He has the shortest memory of any golfer and wipes out any bad shot straight away and carries on, which is a great asset to have. When you make a bogey with a 90-yard pitch shot then you’re thinking about it three holes later, but DJ’s not thinking about it three seconds later!

Any mistake is over straight away for DJ and he goes forward. I guarantee you that when he made his two bogeys at four and five on Sunday, he just thought about keeping going and having the tournament under control. This guy is just special.

The shot at six turned the whole tournament back in his favour and sent him off into the distance. Once he knocked it on the par-five eighth in two it was just a matter of being conservative coming in, so I have to take my hat off to him at 13 and 15 for laying it up and still making birdie.

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When you get the lead in a major the great Jack Nicklaus said that if you keep making pars, then the field will have to come after you and for them to push they will end up making mistakes. The two guys pushing DJ didn’t make any mistakes, but Johnson didn’t either and made for a great champion.

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