Caddyshack caddie back on the bag

Wearing the red cap of the famous Bushwood Country Club from cult movie “Caddyshack” actor Michael O‘Keefe is turning art in to real life at this week’s US Open.

O’Keefe, who played the main character, Danny Noonan, a caddie at the fictional Bushwood Country Club in the movie celebrating it’s 40th anniversary is back on the bag, if only for a couple of days, at Winged Foot.

The Academy Award nominee grew up in Larchmont, New York, not far from Winged Foot Golf Club and actually worked as a caddie there before going in to acting.

He wrote an open letter on asking to be allowed to return to his caddying craft and be on a bag this week.

“While I wouldn‘t be hitting any shots at Winged Foot Open, I do pledge to give advice — both solicited and unsolicited — to the golfer who gives me the chance to loop for him,” O’Keefe wrote.

O‘Keefe got his wish on Monday. He’ll be caddying for local pro Danny Balin during practice rounds.

"I'm trying to get a bag here at the Foot."

That's all it took for @dabgolfer to hire @mokeefeman for a loop.


Balin, the head golf pro at Fresh Meadow Country Club on Long Island who qualified for the Open because he‘s in the top three of the 2019 PGA professional player of the year standings, took O’Keefe up on his offer after reading the article.

“I try to take this somewhat serious, so I would never do this during a tournament round,” Balin told the New York Post.

“But I was like: ‘Yeah, this will be cool. Danny Noonan. Monday and Tuesday.’ It’ll be a fun couple of days. It’ll lighten the mood up.”

O’Keefe said he even trained for Caddyshack, in which he also had to play, at Winged Foot.

“I’m just hoping his other cady won’t mind being fired after the practice rounds when we can get out in to the tournament and actually shine,” he said.

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