What Sam Newman did after his wife died will break your heart

Geelong legend and former AFL Footy Show host Sam Newman has detailed the heartbreaking aftermath of his wife’s sudden passing.

The 75-year-old found Amanda Brown lying on the floor of their luxury Docklands apartment on Saturday night, and it was too late for emergency services to save her when they arrived.

Newman and Brown had been together for 20 years before officially tying the knot in November. It was Newman’s fourth marriage, the ceremony taking place just days after Brown’s 50th birthday.

Appearing on his You Cannot Be Serious podcast, a tearful Newman spoke about his devastation at losing his soulmate, revealing the heart-wrenching way he reacted to her death.

“When I got home after the coroner and the police had been and the ambulance, I got into bed. Now here’s the interesting thing … I sleep on the left-hand side of the bed and my partner Amanda sleeps on the right-hand side,” Newman explained.

“And when I got in after the ambulance had been and the police and the coroner, I didn’t think about this, I just instinctively got into her side of the bed. I was lying there for about half an hour and I thought, ‘What am I doing on this side of the bed?’

“I tried to go to sleep. The coroner left at about one in the morning and at about half-past two I thought I’d have a crack at going to sleep, and of course I couldn’t.”

The pair were soulmates.Source:News Limited

Newman gave CPR for 20 minutes

Newman was out with friends getting fish and chips on Saturday night and had tried calling Brown, but became worried when she didn’t answer.

He described on his podcast the moment he came home to find her dead, revealing he gave her CPR for 20 minutes even though he knew it was too late.

“I get home and I walk in the door and the television’s on in the bedroom. So I look down there and lying in her underwear — she’d obviously been in bed or she got out of bed to get something to eat,” Newman said.

“She’s lying there on the tiles outside the laundry and as soon as I saw her I knew she was dead, I just knew it.

“I rang triple-0 and the very helpful person said you better try and give CPR and she talked me through that.

“I’ve got the phone on speaker and I’m pumping this poor woman who’s lying there looking so peaceful, obviously dead, but the operator said keep doing it in case there’s a spark of life in her, I think she said.

“So for 20 minutes I’m giving CPR to what I knew was a corpse.”

Newman and Brown were meant to be together forever.Source:News Limited

Newman’s intensely private relationship

Newman’s relationship with Brown was a mainly private life, with his fourth wife avoiding the spotlight over the course of the couple’s 20 years together.

Veteran sports journalist Mike Sheahan, who used to co-host the You Cannot Be Serious podcast with Newman, told The Australian that at the time Newman “was very happy with that, and very content in his private life”.

“They had a really good relationship and he was the happiest I had seen him,” Sheahan said.

Though Newman regularly made headlines, his relationship was mostly private. But according to Sheahan, Brown “had a bubbly personality. She had plenty to say, she was not a shrinking violet by any means and when she had something to say, she said it”.

“It was a very functional relationship and he was happy,” he said. “I can’t say he has always been happy in his life, but with Amanda he was happy.”

The happy couple on their wedding day last year.Source:Supplied

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