Ryder vs Sirotkin: Ted Cheeseman clashes angrily with Asinia Byfield at final press conference

Ted Cheeseman clashed angrily with Asinia Byfield as the feuding undercard fighters took centre stage at the John Ryder-Andrey Sirotkin final press conference.

The super-welterweights will settle their rivalry in a British title battle on Saturday’s Copper Box Arena bill, which is topped by Ryder’s WBA final eliminator against Sirotkin, live on Sky Sports.

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October 27, 2018, 7:00pm

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Byfield had confronted Cheeseman’s supporters at Wednesday’s media workout, and both men stood up to deliver a tirade of insults, with security poised to step between them.

“I promise you, on Saturday you are getting smashed,” said Cheeseman. “All yesterday you done your big talk, and then you come over and wanted to shake hands.

“Don’t shake my hand, I’m serious, you are getting smashed.”

The vacant Londsdale title is at stake for each fighter, although Byfield insists he is not concerned about claiming the belt.

It means nothing. I won’t even have the British. I don’t even care about it.

Asinia Byfield

“To be fair, the British title means nothing,” said Byfield. “I’m a fighter, and that’s what I do, I fight.

“It means nothing. I won’t even have the British. I don’t even care about it. I’m just a fighter and I have to fight to live. That’s the reason why I fight.

“I fight because I’ve had a bad past and this is the only way I can get through my day to day to life.”

Watch John Ryder’s WBA final eliminator against Andrey Sirotkin, with Ted Cheeseman v Asinia Byfield, Ryan Doyle v Jordan Gill & Isaac Chamberlain on Copper Box Arena bill, Saturday, from 7pm on Sky Sports Action.

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