OnlyFans boxer Astrid Wett looks disfigured as AJ Bunker breaks hand hitting her

OnlyFans boxer Astrid Wett was left disfigured after AJ Bunker broke her hand by punching her in the face.

Raunchy model and Chelsea super-fan Wett took on former Love Island star Bunker in a Misfits Boxing bout on Sunday night. The clash went the full three rounds, with neither fighter scoring a knockout victory, though Astrid was announced the winner through a majority decision.

Yet the 2-0 Instagram beauty also came away looking completely unrecognisable due to the damage she sustained in the process.

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Wett posted an Instagram story where her face was visibly swollen and bruised. The lingerie-loving bombshell also posted a post-fight video holding her belt, where she sported a huge black eye.

She said: “As you can see guys, I’ve gone out there and done it. It was a tough fight but I’m very proud of myself. The first female Misfits title holder, this baby is staying with me.”

Meanwhile, opponent Bunker revealed on her own story that she had to go to A&E to receive an x-ray following the bout. She claimed to have ‘boxer’s fracture’ as a result of “punching Astrid’s face too hard”.

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“She [Wett] handled it. She took the punches and she stood her ground. She was an absolute warrior,” the influencer said:

Two of the cards had the fight 29-28 in favour of Wett, while the other was a 29-29 draw. Victory for Astrid potentially set up a fight with rival Elle Brooke, though the latter seemed more interested in taking on a more formidable opponent.

Brooke, who was on commentary for Saturday’s bout, called out UFC legend Ronda Rousey post-fight with Wett standing next to her. “I think I want bigger and badder things, Ronda Rousey or Astrid Wett?” she asked the crowd.

She had previously said during an appearance on the broadcast for Misfits Boxing 5: “I love her, and I think this is a fight that everybody wants to see.

"You have the Floyd Mayweather exhibitions and everything like that but no one has done Ronda Rousey and I think I can take her on.”


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