Misfits Boxing 5 ‘tag team’ rules explained as fans call for boycott

YouTube megastar KSI takes his Misfits Boxing series to the Telford International Centre this weekend for the fifth installment of the popular combat series. Fans of the event will have eyes on the headline featuring Jay Swingler and Nicholai Perett, but attention will also be paid to the first-ever tag team boxing match on the undercard.

Much like the wrestling format, two teams of pairs will face off against one another, with each boxer taking to the ring alternately. Saturday night’s match-up pits Los Pineda Coladas, consisting of Luis Alcarez Pineda and BDave, against D-Generation Ice, made up of Ice Poseidon and Athony Vargas.

The fight will be an unprecedented event, and won’t be sanctioned by the British Boxing Board of Control. For the first time, boxers will wait on the edge of the ropes and tap in and out, similar to WWE match-ups.

Boxing fans have been left furious by the plans, with many saying they won’t watch the event at all out of protest. Express Sport has summarised the most important rules viewers should be clued up on for the event.


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Only one member of each team is permitted to partake in the fight at any one time – subject to normal boxing rules – with the second member obliged to stand on the apron outside the ropes and behind their team’s corner.

Each team is free to decide which member starts each round of the bout and can only be substituted once they tag their teammate in accordance with the tagging guidelines below.


A tag can only take place when there is a break in the action and as a result, cannot be initiated while exchanging punches. The fighter must raise their glove and keep it elevated during this period of inactivity to tag in their teammate, at which point he will go to his corner and touch gloves with the substitute before exiting the ring.

The opponent must stand in a neutral position during a tag and can only proceed once instructed by the referee. Both teams are not permitted to tag at the same time and failure to abide by the rules will result in the disqualification of a pairing.

There are no limits on the number of tags but the substitution cannot follow the referee’s count after a knockdown.


Scorecards are calculated as though both team members are one person which means if one member is knocked out or a technical knockout is ruled, the fight is over and the other squad wins.

Misfits Boxing co-president Mams Taylor recently told the promotion’s Youtube Channel: “People will hate on it, people will love it, some will understand, some won’t but at the end of the day this is what Misfits is about.

“So get used to it, love it, lump it, whatever you want,” he added. “But we’re here to stay and make some noise in an area which it’s never been done before.”

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