Anderson Silva fuels speculation that he could fight Logan or Jake Paul

Anderson Silva has refused to rule out a boxing clash with YouTube brothers Logan Paul and Jake Paul as he continues his pursuit of a career in the ring.

The legendary Brazilian is making his appearance in the ring for the second time at the weekend, as he takes on fellow MMA athlete Tito Ortiz on a Triller Fight Club card on Saturday night in Florida.

YouTube star Paul has just defeated another former UFC champion in Tyron Woodley, and is eyeing up his next opponent being linked to the likes of Tommy Fury, while brother Logan appears to be preparing for another exhibition clash.

And Silva has revealed "anything is possible" in his next boxing clash, but believes that the Paul brothers could provide an opportunity on an "entertainment show".

“Everything is possible. Jake Paul and Logan are doing a lot of good job in this new entertaining show, and we’ll see. Everything is possible,” Silva told TMZ Sports . “I respect both. The kids are doing good and working hard to be successful in this entertainment show. And let’s go see. Maybe this is possible too.”

Silva was previously in talks to face the older Paul brother in a boxing clash in Dubai, which came close to a deal being completed in an exhibition showdown.

But the deal collapsed and the Brazilian has since responded with "frustration admitting that the outcome of negotiations was "beyond his control".

"I couldn't control that situation," Silva replied when asked what happened between he and Paul. "I just have control over one thing and that's training hard and continuing to listen to my coach and learning more and more techniques and training with my partners.

"The other side is something I can't control, but this has happened and I am so happy that I am prepared for this fight, so if [the Paul fight] doesn't happen that's good too."

Silva has already recorded an impressive victory in the sport having defeated a ring legend Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in an incredible split decision performance.

And the 46-year-old originally plotted a about against personal "hero" Roy Jones Jr, but has now revealed it looks "unlikely" the pair will meet.

“I’ve been talking about this fight for many, many years ago,” Silva said on a recent media call. “First of all, I respect and I’m a big fan of Roy Jones. I try to copy Roy Jones in my entire life because he’s amazing, and I respect Mr. Roy a lot, and I don’t think this fight would happen right now.

"But I keep in touch with Mr. Roy Jones a lot and he talked to me when I fought Chavez Jr. and he gave me good luck.

“But I think the fight is not happening anymore. I respect him a lot, and I’m a big fan.

"I follow Roy my entire career when I started my amateur career, and I’m so happy to try to do the same that Mr. Roy Jones did inside the ring.”

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