Live Boomers v Team USA basketball

The floor seating issues at Marvel Stadium for the Boomers versus Team USA match are again causing problems for basketball fans.

Fans again look to suffer through poor floor seating.

Welcome to our live coverage of Australia versus USA basketball.

Team USA put the Boomers away with relative ease in their first match up.

Will they be able to do the same?

And will fans once again blow up about the seating issues at Marvel Stadium, where many struggled to view a raised court from the floor in the first match.

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Live Updates

Seating dramas again at half-full Marvel Stadium

The seating arrangements for Game One between the Boomers and Team USA left hoops fans all kinds of angry and some demanding refunds from the promoters of the event.

Skip forward a couple of days and the ACCC is still investigating the issues but seating for the second game at Marvel Stadium remains the same.

And while there has been no Twitter action from a celebrity fan, such as Russell Crowe this time around quite a few fans have weighed in on social media, posting plenty of pictures from the floor.

The photos ranged from happy to some that looked like fans who shelled out for the expensive floor seats will see approximately nothing for their hard-earned cash.

Despite the controversy of Thursday’s game, no seating arrangement changes for the 2nd Team USA vs Australian Boomers game at Marvel Stadium. Does not appear to have deterred fans however. #BoomersUSA

Head level view when sitting #GoBoomers #BoomersUSA


Some fans though opted to avoid the floor seating mess and quickly turned to stadium management for a change to seats further back but higher up, with a better view of the court.

Huge thanks to the staff at @marvelstadiumau for moving out horrible seats, so much better now #thankful #BoomersUSA

However there are thoughts that some of the negative press around the stadium seating arrangements may have scared some fans off with plenty of empty seats just before the tip off.

A lot of empty seats for Game 2. The stadium would be lucky to be half full #BoomersUSA

Patty v Popp in banter exchange

Team USA coach Gregg Popovich is one tough nut and he's not above a few mind games.

And so it's probably no surprise the San Antonio Spurs coach looked to rile up his franchise guard and current international rival Patty Mills pre-game.

Hall of Fame bound coach Popovich paid Mills the ultimate compliment in the most backhanded way – by promising to cut the Aussie from the Spurs' rotation.

"Playing him here he is a real pain in the arse," Popovich said

"He is, he moves, he cuts, he's smart he's tough, he's a pain in the arse.

Mills opened up on what his coach had told him ahead of the second match between the two sides and it was the basketball equivalent of 'pull your head in'.

"He told me I sucked and that I 'should never shoot those shots when you come back to San Antonio, or I'll put you back on a plane to Australia'," Mills said.

The banter between these two is on another level ???#Basketball #BoomersUSA

Popovich though maintained it was all in good fun.

"I just tried to intimidate him – tell him, you want a contract, we'll make a deal here because you're not going to play like that against us."

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