Adelaide captain Steph Talbot questions why the Lightning were forced into quarantine

Adelaide captain Steph Talbot has questioned why the Lightning were forced into quarantine in Townsville but has revealed how team fitness sessions and FaceTime calls are keeping the side sane as they plot a return to the competition.

The already jam-packed WNBL season was thrown into chaos when the Lightning were ordered to isolate in the North Queensland hub until Monday following Adelaide’s COVID-19 outbreak.

A Tuesday night clash against the Southside Flyers had to be cancelled, and officials will have to reschedule three games.

The Lightning received a boost on Wednesday, with the team‘s COVID-19 tests coming back negative as the players look to return to training.

Talbot declared the clean tests were a boost, but she remains perplexed as to why the side had to isolate.
The Lightning team has been confined to their accommodation since Monday afternoon when the Queensland government advised that anyone who had entered the state from South Australia on or after Monday, November 9 must self-isolate until they had been tested for COVID-19.

The Lightning travelling party departed Adelaide at 6.10am (local) on Monday, November 9 on a direct flight to Brisbane.

“We were at the airport at 5am on that Monday morning, so we hadn’t come into contact with anyone,” Talbot said.

“We slept all night and went straight to the airport, but we just missed the cut-off.

“We are OK now, but it just doesn’t really make a lot of sense the way that they are doing it, but you have got to do what you have got to do, I guess.

“Originally, we thought that we would just get tested and once we received a negative result, we would be able to continue on playing.

“So, when we found out we had to quarantine for six days everyone was a bit down.

“It still sucks that we have to stay in quarantine, but everyone is pretty positive, so we will be all right.”

Adelaide Lightning captain Steph Talbot has revealed how team fitness sessions and FaceTime calls are keeping the side sane as they plot a return to the competition. Photo: Mark Brake/Getty Images.Source:Getty Images

News on Wednesday that South Australia will go into lockdown for six days in a bid to curb the COVID-19 outbreak was also valuable perspective for Talbot.

“In some ways we are lucky that we only have to do six days here when we are missing all that chaos back home,” she said.

“It is definitely nice to have the support from back home and we can support them as well.”

WNBL officials are currently working with clubs and event stakeholders to determine the best fixture solution for the three Lightning games that have been postponed while they are in quarantine.

Talbot hopes the team can at least return to training in the coming days after receiving negative COVID results.

“We are waiting to hear back from the Queensland government about training,” she said.

“If we can return to training, we can take some positives out before we return to games.”

In the meantime, Talbot declared the Lightning were determined to have some fun to push through quarantine.

“We’ve just finished a workout,” she said.

“We’ve got some gym equipment in our rooms.

“They have allowed us to mingle together in one room, but we have to wear masks.

“We have also been on FaceTime to each other to just keep in touch, which is helpful being able to spend a little bit of time together.”

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