NBA Draft Lottery LIVE results: Who takes the No 1 pick? Where will Zion Williamson go?

The 2019 NBA Draft Lottery is the first since the big change in the format.

The team with the worst record no longer has a 25 per cent chance at landing the No 1 pick, instead three franchises share a 14 per cent chance at winning the lottery.

And in a draft with a generational player like Zion Williamson touted as the heavy favourite to be selected with the No 1 pick, teams will be praying the balls fall in their favour.

Historic franchises like the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat will be in the lottery while young and talented franchises like the Phoenix Suns, Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks also have a chance. Stay tuned for live update as the No 1 pick is revealed.

NBA Draft Lottery 2019 LIVE

1.30am: Let the prayers begin! 

1.25am: We’re just minutes away from the NBA Draft Lottery taking place with anticipating building.

Personally I’d love to see Zion on the Hawks. Watching Trae Young, John Collins and Zion Williamson hoop together would be incredible!

1.20am: You’re probably already very familiar with all the odds for tonight’s Draft Lottery, but for those who need that final refresher, here’s the chance for every team to land the No 1 pick:

1) New York Knicks (17-65) – 14 percent
2) Cleveland Cavaliers (19-63) – 14 percent
3) Phoenix Suns (19-63) – 14 percent
4) Chicago Bulls (22-60) – 12.5 percen,
5) Atlanta Hawks (29-53) – 10.5 percent
6) Washington Wizards (32-50) – 9 percent
7) New Orleans Pelicans (33-49) – 6 percent
8) Memphis Grizzlies (33-49) – 6 percent
9) Dallas Mavericks (33-49) – 6 percent
10) Minnesota Timberwolves (36-46) – 3 percent
11) Los Angeles Lakers (37-45) – 2 percent
12) Charlotte Hornets (39-43) – 1 percent
13) Miami Heat (39-43) – 1 percent
14) Sacramento Kings (39-43) – 1 percent

1.15am: A lot of attention will be on what pick the Knicks get this evening, with plenty of hope they will land Zion Williamson.

But personally I feel Ja Morant or RJ Barrett would still be a great piece for them, even if they end up using the latter two in a trade this summer.

Surely they won’t consider trading Williamson though? This is the Knicks though…

1:10am: NBA fans all over the world have been using NBA Draft Lottery simulators to see how many times they need to go round before finishing with what they want, but there was a rehearsal before this evening’s official event with some surprise results.

The Phoenix Suns ended up with the No 1 pick while the Dallas Mavericks jumped up from ninth to second. Unfortunately for Knicks fans they fell to fifth. 

Of course, the official lottery could end up being completely different. Suns fans will be hoping it isn’t.

1am: Good evening and welcome to Express Sport’s live blog for the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery.

This is arguably the most anticipated lottery since LeBron James was drafted back in 2003 with Zion Williamson the biggest prize.

Stay tuned throughout the night with the lottery not far from getting underway.

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