Kawhi Leonard never ‘liked the Lakers’ – Old clip hints at LeBron James snub

The Lakers will be doing everything they can to improve their roster this summer after a disappointing campaign.

James was recruited last year in the hope of leading them to a return to the postseason, but injuries and off-the-court controversy led to multiple issues that culminated in them finishing outside the playoffs.

It may have proved to be a blessing in disguise however as the Lakers entered the NBA Draft Lottery and ended up surprisingly jumping up to the fourth pick.

That immediately gives them extra leverage when presenting trade packages for potential moves this summer.

But while the trade market will be one road the Lakers will look to go down, free agency remains their biggest target.

Leonard is one of several All-Stars potentially available in the summer, and the Lakers have already shown their interest in signing the 27-year-old.

They tried trading for the 2014 NBA Finals MVP last summer, only for the San Antonio Spurs to agree a deal with the Toronto Raptors instead.

And Leonard has swiftly established himself as a fan-favourite in Toronto, with the Eastern Conference team hoping to convince him to re-sign this offseason.

However, multiple reports have maintained that Leonard favours a move back home to Los Angeles.

That has given the Lakers some hope in recruiting the three-time NBA All-Star.

But it has also been suggested that the LA Clippers are favoured over the Lakers.

And Leonard may have already hinted that he doesn’t want to join the Lakers earlier in the campaign.

When asked back in November whether he was a fan of the Lakers growing up, he said: “I wasn’t at all.

“My family was but I wasn’t.

“I liked Allen Iverson.

“I was an A.I. fan.

“I didn’t like the Lakers.”

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