Tiger Woods: Jordan Spieth makes frank US Open confession in Super Bowl claim

Spieth, who won the title in 2015, goes into this week’s tournament in California as one of the outsiders to take home the trophy again this year.

The American star is going for his fourth major title, and is looking to improve after a lacklustre first half of the year.

After finishing tied for 21st at The Masters, Spieth went on to finish tied for third at the PGA Championship, six shots behind eventual winner Brooks Koepka.

Spieth, 25, was at one point viewed as the potential air to Tiger Woods’ throne, with the all-time great seemingly at the end of his career over the past eight years.

But he has so far failed to live up to the lofty expectations placed upon him, having won just one major title in the past four years.

Last year, he failed to win any PGA tour titles and was disappointing in all four major championships.

But speaking on Tuesday, he suggested that the longevity of Woods’ career shows that success isn’t always immediate as he looked forward to the US Open.

“To be honest, when I look at what I’m doing, it’s hard to compare that to a different generation,” he told a press conference.

“And say like Tiger [Woods], I don’t compare myself to him. But it’s a little easier to compare yourself to people within five or six years on either side of yourself.

“Because it’s almost unrealistic to compare yourself to Jack [Nicklaus] or Tiger. Obviously that’s the end goal.

“But it’s very difficult to look at the short term with just how incredible their achievements have been.

“So watching Brooks and Rory [McIlroy], these guys who have four major championships prior to being 30 years old and looking like they’re just going to continue to do so, it’s certainly a driving factor for me.

“There’s also a number of under-30 guys who are going to win a number of majors over the coming years, [that] is certainly what it looks like.

“So there’s plenty of inspiration to be the one that’s trying to win these championships.

“I have no trouble, personally, finding that inspiration, nor would I even if the 30 to 40 year olds are winning. This is our Super Bowl.

“At the beginning of the year this is what we look at and we pinpoint and we try and peak at.

“[There is] no need for any extra inspiration. I think there’s plenty there.”

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